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Hi all deviants,

I have just launched my new website / travel blog. I am trying to focus more on personal notes and of course photos, rather than being more informative about traveling. Hope you enjoy it. Of course any feedback is welcome (also if you also encounter any bugs or issues please drop a note or email!!).

(the blog is in english and greek. The greek version can be accessed directly here: )

Facebook page:…

Thank you!
Hello everyone and I hope you are doing well!

I am in the process of designing and uploading my new blog/website.

If you want to support the process and my photography - without giving any money - please visit this page from my previous blog:… . If you are going to buy something from or please go through my page first. This way when you buy something - for the same exact price that you would otherwise - there will be a small commission for me. So there is no cost for you, but in the end of the process I may be able to get some photography equipment at little discount. :)

Thank you in advance!
Γεια χαρά σε όλους!!

Θα είναι κανείς στις Φωτογραφικές Συναντήσεις Κυθήρων φέτος;…

Τα λέμε εκεί!!
Hi everyone!!!

I need your help! Especially from those that live in Australia or have visited it.

I'll be there from next week for a conference and then I'll be able to travel for some days. Due to crazy work hours I haven't managed to look at anything. I only booked the tickets.... So anyone with suggestions is more than welcome!! My base station is going to be Sydney, but of course I can travel! I'll be mostly alone. Prefer more nature than cities!

Thank youuuu!!!!!

Hey there!!!

Hope you are all doing well andhavinga great time!!

I am returning home for a road trip in the states and i saw that i got a dd!! Wow!! Thank you very much!!!

I hope i wont be overwhelmed by the work that has accumulated for the past weeks that i was away and i'll be able to thank you all properly and answer to all messages!

Thank you all again!!!

C- ya!!!!
The island of Crete, one story at a time.

Humans of Crete is the cretan version of Humans of New York, the popular page of Brandon Stanton. Inspired by his idea, a group of photographers from Crete (ok, not only Crete) decided to transfer the concept to the island of Crete and make it a collaborative one, so that anyone can participate. So... we invite you to get to know Crete through the stories of its people!!

See you at our facebook page...

Dear all,

I have been trying to make my blog a little bit 2013-like :P . So after a long period of messing with settings, coding and the rest, the blog is again fully online and hopefully in a much better shape. There is still work to be done, there are still hard corners, it takes a lot of time to get everything right - especially if this is not you primary job and mainly a (full-time) hobby/passion (well photography that is, not blogging!!! :P :P :P ). So here you go: !!

The good thing is that there are also new people on board, so even though most of the content will be from me, there will also be some touches of different things in there. More info here:…

I hope you like the "new" blog and I would appreciate any feedback. Comments are open to anyone, so if you feel like writing a couple of words about the photos you see in any post, please do share! :D


ps. as I mentioned, photography is a hobby for me. In a time of crisis as things are now in Greece, it is increasingly difficult to justify expenses for hobbies... So if you are going to shop anyway from amazon (uk or com), please click the banners in the blog to get you to amazon. It wont make any difference to you but for me there will be a small (ok, really small) commission to be used on photographic things (i.e. mostly books or films :) ). I tried to make the banners as unintrusive as possible and you can always use AdBlock to block them completely :)
New photos added to the blog:…

All photos are scanned negatives from a Kodak TriX film (pushed by 1 stop). I have been a using a cheap scanner (Epson V500) but lately I found that the combination of SliverFast and Lightroom's noise filters work wonders in improving the quality of the scanned images. Of course I am not really scanning for big prints, just 1600dpi. I dont think that the scanner is able to resolve much info/detail from 35mm after that, so there is no real point. But overall I am for the first time quite pleased with the result.

Now I just need to start printing at the darkroom again. :)

See you around,
Shameless self promotion... :P :P…

See you around!
Moon on Wheel (ok, for greeks Φεγγάρι στη Ρόδα) is a city game with bicycles that the local cyclist club is organising at the full moon of May. Each year it becomes more popular and this year almost 1000 cyclists participated (for a city of 70000 people in total it is pretty much! ). For almost three hours - without counting the parties afterwards of course! - the old town of Chania is full of bicycles running like crazy, hunting for letters, playing games, shooting videos and having fun.

Who said you need money to have a good time??? :D Just a good bunch of people!!

Photos:… . Since I was participating as well, the photos are before and after the main game!!

See - ya!!!

So there it comes again. We are living the days of parliamentary junta.

ERT, the national television and radio broadcast service of Greece was closed in a night, just with two ministers signing a paper.

Some 2700 people all accused of being dishonest and fired.

Well, today it is ERT, tomorrow it will be the public universities, the schools, the hospitals, the public services, the electric company, the water companies, the harbors, the airports, everything.

No voting, no discussion, no saying. Someone orders and executes.

Oh I forgot, we have loans to serve. Right. Money uber alles.

IMF made a few announcements and reports these past days. It was all about "we miscalculated, this was an error, we should have done this, we could not agree with the europeans" bla bla bla... Meanwhile, almost 30% unemployment, shrinking GDP, people starving, exploding suicides, exploding racism, deconstruction of democracy, shrinking public sector, minimization of wages (ok we have some way till we reach China, but we are almost there), no civil rights anymore, fuck I cannot continue anymore.

But hey! Greece is a success story we have been hearing! Come to Greece and buy properties! Come on tourists, come and spend your free holidays here! If you like the beach, then through a piece of bone and buy it. We will even thank you. Euro uber alles.

Solidarity to our neighbors in Turkey. They are showing us the way. I just hope that people here in Greece will start our Taksim/Gezi square. And in that hope lies the wish, that we have nothing to separate in the Aegean and we should start living like brothers.
So many things happening at such a small period of time.

We have been organizing a photo festival in my home town (Chania, Crete, Greece) and now that the dust settles down, there are so many wonderful things to remember.

For two weeks, we had 2 photography exhibitions in 4 different places. Some of the places were renovated old monuments throughout the old town of Chania making them really unique. On the other hand, we had some amazing guests to the festival, who gave talks, presented slideshows and videos spanning from street to documentary, commercial (editiorial/advertising) and conceptual photography as well as theoritical aspects of photography.

I once again had the chance to meet close with <a href=""">Constantinos Manos from Magnum and was fortunate enough to have a portfolio of my work from India reviewed by him. All his remarks were spot on and the way a master of photography handles, explains, talks about each photo (or photographic effort) is amazing.

Equally rewarding was the chance to hear, talk and discuss with Iraklis Papaioannou, another guest to the festival. Iraklis Papaioannou is the curator of the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki, Greece and one of the most knowledgeable people on photography I have ever met. His talk on post-documentary photography was simply mind blowing.

Now, the festival is over, however I think I need to queue for a liver transplant... you know, raki, beer and wine, partying and dancing after every opening or talk, well... ok, you get the picture! :P Count on top of all that, that the weather is nice and warm, so add to the mix the beaches and the inability to stay at home (apart from sleeping), spring and summer and love in the air, and a lot of crazy happenings in the city, like the 1000 bicycles running for a night throughout the old harbour for a game during the full moon and.... I need to sleeeeeppp!!!!!! :D :D

I hope I can post some photos from all those things and also be able to demonstrate new works.


Hey people, especially you in Crete!!

Start your cameras, the festival is starting!! Exhibitions, invited talks, videos, slideshows!!

It all begins on the 21st!!

Stay tuned!
A two day hike in the mountains :)…


It took me almost three months to develop and scan the films, but I finally did it (damn work!)!

So there you have the photos from Santa Run in my home town! :)…

Shameless self promotion.... :)…

Have a great day!

Shameless self promotion :P…

C-u people!!
Hello everyone! And of course merry Christmas and all the wishes! :D

I am trying to organize my work here in dA lately. Now I found the time to group and upload a few new works.

The title of the project is "Double Exposures". People blending with their creations. I photographed a few friends in open environment (not studio) and then I rewinded the film and I photographed scenes around technical structures and buildings in the same frames. So the end result is a series of double exposures combining a portrait of some kind with a structure/industrial setting, interposing the man blended with his creations. Film used Kodachrome 64 slide.

Hope you like it. Here is the folder:…

C-u around!
Blog post…

C-u around!

ps. dedicated to StamatisGR for the talk about the ... τσικουδιές...
New blog entry…
(link to my blog)

See you around,